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My Digital Grave Revealed
My Digital Grave Revealed

01 November 2021

6666 unique coffins created for your digital afterlife.
There is 75 traits in total in 5 different trait categories.
You can choose between different Stickers, Top Lids, Bottom Lids, Boxes and of course Backgrounds!
Thanks to Polygon Network and IPFS technology , your digital asset and their metadata will be stored in decentralized storage forever which means no one can change them later.
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Website Launched
Website Launched

02 December 2021

We are launched our website.
You can read our story, learn how to buy NFT's on Polygon Network and follow our next NFT giveaways in Giveaways page.
Social Media Accounts
Social Media Accounts

03 January 2022

We are on Twitter and Instagram!
Follow us to get latest news, free giveaways and more!
Discord Server
Discord Server

04 February 2022

We are working on our Discord server which will be launched on February 2022.
Join our warm community for announcements, Discord Only NFT Giveaways, Secondary Market Place any many more.
MDG Airdrops
MDG Airdrops

05 TBA

Our first NFT airdrop will be launched. Entering details and date will be announced on our social media accounts first. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned.
Taking care of our planet
Taking care of our planet

06 TBA

We are obsessed with nature, animals and our planet.
Recent years we have sadly watched forests burned all over world. We feel the pain deep in our hearts. We are trying to get locations near to us to help as much as we can. Both physically and mentally.
With this project we want to donate saplings for affected locations and provide food, medicine, equipment to animal shelters in rural areas, as soon as we deal with our situation we described in our story page.
We are already making donations, and want to do more. Even if you not interested with My Digital Grave please make donations for animal and nature charitable organizations. That will make a difference.
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    My Digital Grave Revealed
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    Social Media Accounts
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    Discord Server
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    MDG Airdrops
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    Taking care of our planet
6666 unıque coffıns



our story

We are 28 years old couple live in a developing country which develops backwards everyday. We adore nature and animals and always do our best to protect it. But we are in trouble.

But since our family is in minority group in our country ( different race and religous beliefs ) we are losing our hopes day by day. Our people are not really welcomed in this country and we are not feel safe where we are right now. Goverment is keep insulting  some minorities, encouraging people to raise tension between groups. Some of our friends got beaten, some of them end up in jail. Just because we want a better rights. Now we are afraid to demand justice because we know it’s not a safe thing to do here…