our story

We are 28 years old couple live in a developing country which develops backwards everyday. We adore nature and animals and always do our best to protect it. But we are in trouble.

But since our family is in minority group in our country ( different race and religous beliefs ) we are losing our hopes day by day. Our people are not really welcomed in this country and we are not feel safe where we are right now. Goverment is keep insulting  some minorities, encouraging people to raise tension between groups. Some of our friends got beaten, some of them end up in jail. Just because we want better rights. Now we are afraid to demand justice because we know it’s not a safe thing to do here.  We don’t want to be part any of this.

As a reguler person does we finished our school with success, and started working with our daily jobs, doing extras. Our goal was moving to another country which we can live in decent conditions withouth fear of our lives. So we started saving money. As we work more and more, our savings are lost their worth and now we are farther from our goal and we don’t know what to do next. If we stay here we will most likely end end up in jail or worse. This is why we created My Digital Grave collection. To safely move in a safer country together, our salvation.

Another thing we want to tell you is recently, huge amount of forests burned in here and rest of the world. Thousands of trees and wild animals lost their lives just because there are not enough equipment for wild fires in here. So good people done the most. We were there to save old people and animals as much as we can. We are proud we helped them. But this is all we could do.  If rest of the collection sells, we will donate most to the environmental organisations, donate sapplings for burned forests and provide food for animal shelters. We are already doing this beacuse that makes us happy and we want to do more.

Hope we can move ourselves to a safer country which respects minority rights and built a decent life in there and keep helping the environment. Hope we didn’t bored you while you read.

We appreciate you for reading our story,


Stay safe and happy!